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Clay County Jail

Clay County Jail

901 North Orange Avenue Green Cove Springs, FL32043, Florida

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Clay County Jail Visiting Information:

Jail Visitation Schedule
Monday = D-1 Wing (Adults), 1400-1600/1900-2100 hours (2PM-4PM/7PM-9PM)
Tuesday = D-2 Wing (Adults), 1400-1600/1900-2100 hours (2PM-4PM/7PM-9PM)
Wednesday = Female Inmates, 1400-1600/1900-2100 hours (2PM-4PM/7PM-9PM)
Thursday = G-Wing, 1400-1600/1900-2100 hours (2PM-4PM/7PM-9PM)
Friday = B Wing, 1400-1600/1900-2100 hours (2PM-4PM/7PM-9PM)
Saturday = H Wing, 1900-2100 hours (7PM-9PM)
Saturday = Juvenile Inmates, 1300-1500 hours (1PM-3PM)
Sunday = A Wing, Confinement and Medical, 1900-2100 (7PM-9PM)

Clay County Jail Additional information:


No property or money may be directly transferred between the inmate and the visitor. Instead, there is now a kiosk in the lobby of the Clay County Jail that visitors may use to deposit funds into inmate accounts. Lobby hours are 7am until 10pm, Monday through Friday. There are also services available that allow deposit of funds into an inmate account over the phone or via Internet.

Government Payment Service at 1-888-277-2535
These services are open 24 hours a day.
The pay location code for the Clay County Jail is #5500.
You will need to know the inmate’s name, the inmate number and the facility code (23J for the Clay County Jail).
There is a minimum deposit of $25 and a maximum of $100.
There is a 5% service fee applied to any deposit.
Termination of Visits


No time limit unless space availability is limited.

Clay County Jail Description:

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