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Bristol County Womens Center

Bristol County Womens Center

400 Faunce Corner Road North Dartmouth, MA02747, Massachusetts

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This ACA accredited Bristol County Sheriff's Office facility houses a maximum of 106 women in a medium security setting on the site of the Dartmouth Complex. This facility was opened in 1990 as a Pre-Release Center for male inmates. The original Pre-Release Center was a minimum security facility, housing an average of 60 inmates. Although the facility was designed to house 106 inmates, it was difficult to fill beds because of the very stringent guidelines that Sheriff Hodgson implemented for Pre-Release Inmates. In 1999, Sheriff Hodgson was awarded a federal grant to convert the Center into a Women only facility and moved the Pre-Release Program to the Modular Units of the Dartmouth House of Correction.

This self contained facility offers a Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Program and a Pre-Release Program for Women. Participants are housed in a separate unit, with a very structured treatment or work schedule. A certified Adult Education Teacher provides access to Pre-GED and GED classes for women. A federal grant program aimed at victims of domestic violence provides counseling and safe reentry plan development for incarcerated victims. A vocational education Culinary Arts Program prepares women for work in the food service industry. Programs and Services staff schedule and facilitate a variety of Programs such as: Parenting, Life Skills, HIV Prevention and Awareness, Anger Management, AA, NA, and faith based services.

Substance Abuse and Various Counseling Programs:
Substance Abuse
Treatment groups focus on various topics that vary from time to time. Certain topics are integral to a substance-using offender’s successful transition to the community. Among the topics are: the bio-psycho-social model of addiction, signs and symptoms of drug abuse and dependence. Looking at negative consequences of chemical abuse, dependence and withdrawal symptoms, addiction as a progressive disease: use – abuse – dependence, the medical consequences of alcoholism, HIV and AIDS education, powerlessness and unmanageability of drug use/abuse, hitting bottom and admitting, relapse prevention, and self help alternatives. Training to enhance interpersonal skills in both family relationships and with peers, stress management skills, some activities during groups include teaching basic life skills such as budgeting, using public transportation, seeking and maintaining employment, and parenting in order to increase their chance of success after release. Training in anger and in parenting groups can provide new methods for resolving conflicts and facilitating reintegration into the family and community. The array of services mentioned above change as mentioned before as a problem is identified according the multiple needs of the offenders. 

Addiction Education
These groups cover the basic information you need about the physical, emotional and spiritual damage that comes from substance abuse and addiction.

Recovery Meetings
Address the substance abuse and addiction issues of inmates and detainees. They are available at various times throughout all units in each facility.

Domestic Violence Awareness and Counseling
Programs include a VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) grant funded program for incarcerated victims of sexual assault and domestic violence, "Empowering Women for Success," a reentry planning group.

Parenting With Dignity


No time limit unless space availability is limited.

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4 Responses to Bristol County Womens Center

  1. David Rodrigues May 25, 2014 at 8:53 pm #

    Do womens center inmates accept money orders by mail for canteen?

    • PrisonPath May 26, 2014 at 12:47 pm #

      Hi David,

      Please note the following information about sending money to an inmate at the Bristol County Womens Center.

      NOTICE: Effective May 5th, 2014, we will no longer provide or accept Inmate Money Envelopes for deposit. The Department will be introducing new Kiosks in the Dartmouth House of Correction Lobby.

      You may also choose one of the payment options below:

      In an effort to improve the efficiencies and security regarding inmate deposits, Access Secure Deposits now offers the following payment options for family and friends of inmates:

      Toll Free Phone Deposits: As low as $3.95 Phone:1-866-345-1884

      Online Deposit (Internet): As low as $2.95

      Click on to send money to your loved one. Access Secure Deposits takes all MasterCard and Visa debit and credit cards. Additional information is also located on our website under Frequently Asked Questions.

  2. David Rodrigues May 29, 2014 at 1:30 pm #

    I have question do you guys do medical tests on the women that first go bristol county womens center? if so how long does it take for it to come in?

    • PrisonPath May 29, 2014 at 5:14 pm #

      Hi David,

      We recommend contacting directly the facility for this information. isa privateweb site not connected or affiliated with any prison or jail.

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