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Abbeville County Jail & Detention Ctr

Abbeville County Jail & Detention Ctr

21 Old Calhoun Falls Rd. Abbeville, SC29620, South Carolina

Phone :
864 446-6200
Website :
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Abbeville County Jail & Detention Ctr Visiting Information:

Inmates housed at our Detention Center facility are allowed three (3), non-consecutive one (1) hour visitations each week. Visitation is limited to three (3) persons at a time in the visitation unit. ALL visitors must have a valid State picture ID. Small children accompanied by a parent or gaurdian do not have to have picture ID unless they are ten (10) years of age or older and are not included in the visitation limit. ALL visitation must be scheduled 24 hours prior to the day of the visit by calling 864 446-6200. ALL visitors must provide names of all visitors, address and a phone number. NO personal item may be brought to inmates unless approved by the Administrator. Inmates may purchase items from the commissary. Visitors may bring certified money orders to deposit in inmates commissary accounts.

Inmates housed at our County Prison Facility are allowed visitation on Saturdays and Sundays from 1:00pm until 5:00pm. ID is required and number of visitors the same as the Detention Center. Limited Items may be brought to inmates, these items can be explained during the first visit or by calling 864 446-6200.

Abbeville County Jail & Detention Ctr Additional information:

The Abbeville County Detention Center will serve as the intake center for un-sentenced misdemeanor and/or felony detainees/inmates, and as an incarceration facility for sentenced offenders. It will provide facilities for the detention of both un-sentenced detainees/inmates and sentenced inmates in a minimum, medium, and maximum-security environment. All facilities will provide housing and services of equal quality for all classes of detainees/ inmates.


No time limit unless space availability is limited.

Abbeville County Jail & Detention Ctr Description:

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