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Close Rikers Island ?

Rikers Island Since 2014, 35 correctional officers and/or staff members at Rikers were charged with criminal offenses. 13 of the 35 were charged with assault or attempted assault. Federal prosecutors have indicted Riker’s correctional officers with civil rights violations (excessive force, and other offenses). Rikers Island is the largest jail complex in the United States. […]

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Predatory Prison Telephone Companies Lose

Global Tel*Link  and Securus Technologies are the two major players in the $1.2 billion business of providing phone service to private and government prisons, according to Bloomberg. Global, an Alabama-based company has about half of the correctional phone services market and Securus Technologies has about 30%. Both companies make excessive profits with exclusive contracts with […]

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Education In Prisons: Harvard vs. Prison

For decades, many have argued that providing education to inmates was an exercise in futility. This argument was destroyed when the Harvard debating team lost to their opponents from the Eastern New York Correctional Facility. The inmates promoted an argument which actually was the opposite of their personal beliefs. The debate issue was: “Public schools […]

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More Prisons vs. Rehabilitation & Mental Health Care

Governor Jerry Brown proposed to limit California’s overcrowded prisons by leasing more prison space.  Brown’s proposal consisted of spending about $315 million next year to house inmates in private facilities, county jails and out-of-state prisons. Fellow Democrats in the state Senate, led by Darrell Steinberg, condemned Brown’s $315 million proposal as a short-term fix. “Temporarily […]

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Should Felons Have the Right to Vote?

Disenfranchised Voters Infographic Almost six million Americans are disenfranchised from voting even if the former inmates are again productive members of society who pay taxes. Several states do not restore the right to vote upon completion of the sentence. Thirteen states allow probationers and parolees the right to vote and nineteen states allow former inmates […]

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33 States Allow Shackling of Pregnant Inmates During Labor

33 out of 50 is a failing grade for the United States. The American Medical Association in a 2010 resolution called the practice of shackling pregnant inmates unsafe, medically dangerous, and “barbaric.” Many physicians and nurses assert that shackling pregnant inmates during any stage of the pregnancy is damaging to the pregnant mothers and their […]

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New Approach to Solitary Confinement in New York

A new approach, after litigation, to solitary confinement in New York. The New York Civil Liberties Union filed a class action complaint against the New York State Department of Community Corrections concerning its use of solitary confinement. The lawsuit will be suspended while two nationally recognized corrections experts work with the DOCC to reform the use […]

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United States: #1 in Inmates, Prisons, & Solitary Confinement

The United States Prison Statistics Infographic: The Largest Population of Inmates, Prisons, & Solitary Confinement According to Buzzfeed Politics, there are 10 ways that America is Number One in the world. We have the most gold reserves, the most powerful military, the largest Gross Domestic Product at $15.56 trillion, the most Olympic medals and the […]

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Michael Douglas’ Son – Prison Violence

No one, including the son of Michael Douglas, is exempted from prison violence. Once you leave the outside world for the life behind bars, you are just another inmate. The power of your family ends behind the grey walls and barbed wire. It is a different culture with different rules and taboos.  Prison violence statistics […]

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