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Census & Prison Gerrymandering

2019 Supreme Court coverage was focused on the Trump administration’s failed efforts to add a citizenship question to the 2020 national census. The Supreme Court court held that the government intended to redistrict the census, so that it would result in “a disadvantage to the Democrats” and be “advantageous to Republicans and non-Hispanic Whites.” What was […]

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“Tender Age Facilities”

Photo by:The Hill We posted this article about our treatment of immigrants in June, of 2018. The situation has changed—for the worse. A little girl, seven years old, died from dehydration last week, while in custody of the border patrol. The majority of Americans were horrified by the spectacle of the last six weeks of […]

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Opioid Addiction Treatment in Prisons and Jails

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit in Boston decided this week, that an inmate had the right to receive medication for her Opioid addiction. Brenda Smith, a Maine resident, was arrested for taking $40 from a Walmart change dispenser which was left by another customer. Smith was arrested and convicted of theft. […]

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Pregnant Inmate Gives Birth in Jail Cell

Photo by CNN A mentally ill inmate, despite requesting help, delivered her baby by herself, alone in a jail cell, without the help of a doctor, or a nurse, in Broward county, Florida. According to Tammy Jackson’s attorneys, the jail personal knew that Ms. Jackson was full term, when she asked for help, after feeling […]

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Bernie Sanders: Felons Should Vote in Prison

Disenfranchised Voters Sen Bernie Sanders announced at a town hall meeting in Iowa, for more states to join Vermont and Maine in allowing imprisoned felons to vote. Sanders stated,”I think that is absolutely the direction we should go.” The following infographic shows the states various voter restrictions for individuals involved in our justice system. Disenfranchised Voters […]

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Nursing Home Victims

Photo by CBS-DFW Nursing Homes/Rehabilitation Facilities are regulated by the Federal Government.  Despite this oversight, nursing home neglect and abuse continues to harm the elderly and infirm. Under these Federal regulations, if a nursing home is repeatedly cited for violations regarding the care of their residents, the nursing home can be designated as a “special focus […]

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Cry No Crocodile Tears for Frozen Brooklyn Inmates!

CNN-photo As most people, I was sympathetic to the Brooklyn inmates, who did not have heat, during the most frigid weather this past January. However, you can be assured at any given day, somewhere in the United States, inmates are suffering from extreme cold, or excessive heat in their cells. The New York Times reported […]

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Prepare Defendant: Going to Jail or Prison First Time

Attorneys cannot prepare a defendant, for incarceration, who is going to jail or prison for the first time. As a former attorney and inmate, I can offer the practical tips (In English or Spanish) for jail-prison survival. “The 25 Basic Rules of Surviving Prison & Jail,: are based upon my personal experiences, and what I learned from […]

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25 Rules:How To Survive in Prison & Jail

How To Survive in Prison & Jail From a former inmate, criminal attorney and the creator of PrisonPath Every culture has its rules. If you visit another country and violate what is considered appropriate behavior, you may at best, be ignored or, in the worst case scenario, subjected to scorn, ridicule, or violence. Being incarcerated […]

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Government Shutdown–Federal Correctional Officers

Florence Federal Correctional Complex– Since December 22, 2018, the Trump government shutdown has left 800,000 federal workers and contract workers without pay. Among the 800,000–federal correctional officers. Federal correctional officers were not furloughed, but are required to work without pay. Eric Young, the head of the Federal Bureau of Prisons Union, told ABC News, “In […]

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