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Otto Warmbier & Darren Rainey

Otto Warmbier (Photo:AP) On June 19, 2017 Otto Warmbier, tragically died in the United States from tortuous treatment that he suffered while held in a North Korean prison. Darren Rainey (Photo:The Sun) On June 12th, 2012, Darren Rainey tragically died in a Florida state prison from tortuous treatment. OTTO WARMBIER: Otto Warmbier was 21 years […]

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Brazil’s Cruel Treatment of Women in Prison

Getty Brazil Image On March 8th, women all over the world, celebrated International Women’s Day. We should not ignore or forget that women in many countries face cruel and barbaric conditions in prison. For example,there are approximately 37,000 women incarcerated in Brazil’s prisons. Brazilian women, in prison, do not receive the protection of Brazilian or […]

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Trump’s Myth about Immigrant Crime

President Trump, last night in his speech to Congress, continued to claim that illegal immigrants are major contributors to American crime. The facts do not support Trump’s myth. We have heard, during the past 15 months, absurd statements that “Mexicans are rapists,” and that Muslims are terrorists. Hysterical fear of immigrants has always plagued our […]

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Prison Path Excerpt: “The Laughing Inmate” A Snapshot of Prison Life

From the creator of As part of my sentence, I was incarcerated for fifteen months in the Maryland state prison system. My prison path initially consisted of two weeks local time at Clarksburg prison in Montgomery county, and almost 15 months in the Maryland state correctional system. I was imprisoned at Baltimore DOC, MCTC […]

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All Kinds of Correctional Officers

Another excerpt from my almost finished prison memoir, Prisonpath. The stories are about the inmates and correctional officers that I encountered during my fifteen months in state prison. 1/12/11 – 1/13/11 — Hagerstown Prison The scream reverberated throughout the tier. The correctional officer called my name again and said, “Come get your fucking books!” For […]

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Government Shutdown Impacts Federal Prisons

Correctional officers are not receiving their paychecks even though the guards are working. The correctional officers are working not knowing when their paychecks will start again. Local union president and Federal prison employee, Jeff Roberts has complained that the correctional officers are not being paid, but the inmates are receiving their monies for their work. […]

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