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Benefits of Online Therapy

Benefits of Online Therapy from Home: As technology continues to innovate and connect people seamlessly via smartphones, tablets, and laptops, it has become easier to get help for emotional/psychological problems. The advent of online therapy from the comfort and security of home allows trained psychotherapists to assist clients regardless of their physical location. All that’s […]

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Private Prison Companies Love Pres.Trump!

Private prison companies supported Donald Trump during the presidential campaign and donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to his inaugural committee. In 2018, private prison companies  were rewarded by the Trump administration. The Federal Bureau of Prisons will transfer more inmates from federal facilities to private prisons, according to a memo, sent within the Bureau.. At […]

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“Tender Age Facilities”

Photo by:The Hill The majority of Americans were horrified by the spectacle of the last six weeks of children separated by the United States Trump government, from their immigrant parents, crossing the border seeking asylum. There is no doubt, that our broken immigration system contributes to our “Mass Incarceration Crisis.” The United States has the […]

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Immigrant Children, Trump, & Manafort

Photo by: Civil Liberties Defense Center The events of June 15th, revealed the distressing state of our country. The Department of Homeland Security announced Friday, that the United States government has separated almost 2,000 children at our border from immigrants. The Trump administration’s decision to separate children from their parents crossing the border illegally has […]

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15 Year Old & Nike Fives– 5 Year Sentence

Dayonn Davis was sentenced to five years in prison and 10 years of probation. The sentence was imposed for stealing a pair of black and white Nike Air Jordan Fives from an acquaintance. Davis’s accomplice had a handgun for the robbery. Davis’s attorney argued that her client did not know that his accomplice would bring […]

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Pregnant & Locked Up

It is just common sense to keep pregnant women out of jail, who are waiting for their court date. Jails, unlike prisons, hold defendants waiting for their day in court, or defendants sentenced to less than 12 months for misdemeanors (minor charges). A bill to protect pregnant inmates was borne (bad pun) in Cook county […]

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Feds Drop Book Restriction Policy

Last week, the Federal Bureau of Prisons dropped their controversial book restriction policy regarding books for inmates.The policy would have prohibited direct delivery of books from publishers, book clubs and bookstores. The new policy called for a seven-step process (30 percent price markup), and purchases would be available only through one private vendor. All of […]

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New Study: Incarceration Price Tag–1 Trillion Plus

Washington University reported that prior estimates of annual incarceration costs of 80 billion is not even close to the actual price of our jails and prisons. Carrie Pettus-Davis, Director of the Washington University’s Concordance Institute for Advancing Social Justice and a co-author of the study, stated, “We find that for every dollar in corrections costs, […]

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Philadelphia’s Oldest Jail to Close in 2 Years

Photo-NBC Philadelphia’s oldest operating jail, House of Corrections, opened in 1927. Mayor Jim Kenney and Prisons Commissioner announced the closure of the jail by 2020, because it did not have modern security and public safety features. Prison officials stated the closing of the jail was also due to a declining prison population, and the lack […]

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