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Bradley D. Schwartz was an attorney for thirty five years and an inmate for fifteen months. As an attorney, he practiced criminal law and medical malpractice claims. At the age of sixty two, he was incarcerated for fifteen months in the Maryland state prison system for a nonviolent economic crime.

After his release, he launched Prisonpath in 2012 to help inmate’s families and first time nonviolent defendants face prison. Prison Path provides extensive information about every prison and jail in the United States, posts articles every week about the numerous problems confronting our justice-prison system and answers questions daily from inmate’s families and individuals facing prison.

If you would like to contact Bradley directly, please fill in the form below or email info@prisonpath.com .


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Birgitte Bøge, Associate professor at Business College Syd

“Bradley Schwartz is an amazing storyteller with an amazing and surreal, but, nonetheless, a very true story. Brad took the time to come to New York City from Washington DC, to meet 25 students from Business College in Denmark and to hold a seminar pass about the time he spent in an American prison – as an inmate. His true story has all the ingredients of an average prison-movie, not more, not less. The horrors of prison, the lack of privacy, the rules you have to obey to survive – and how lucky you actually have to be to make it through your sentence. No wonder that Brad – and many others – has lost faith in the American penal system. Thank you for teaching us and for letting us into your life! You are a great man and a great help for many inmates and their families. We wish you all the best in your life! I highly recommend Bradley Schwartz’ seminar to everyone, who is interested in the American judicial and penal system and American social studies.”


Anne Pratt, Ph.D., Clinical and Forensic Psychologist

“Bradley Schwartz is in a better position than most to offer information about the prison experience, and to articulate and explain the important issues facing people who might be incarcerated. His combination of experience – as an attorney and as an inmate – gives him a unique perspective to bring this information to the public. The criminal justice system is in dire need of reform, and Bradley Schwartz’s voice will be important in the national conversation.”


Martine Herzog-Evans, Law Professor at the University of Reims, France

“Bradley is extremely knowledgeable in his field and extremely supportive of other people. He has a lot of enthusiasm and energy. I strongly recommend him.”


“I recommend Bradley Schwartz without hesitation. He has been a dedicated teacher in the field of Prison life. His teaching has opened up our eyes to what happens in prison, Understanding every facet of prison life, and life on the outside after completing sentencing.. He is the founder of Prison path, and has dedicated his life to helping others.

I strongly recommend Bradley both personally and professionally without qualification.”

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