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Prison Inmate Search & Locator - Prison News | Prison Path
  • Government Shutdown–Federal Correctional Officers

    Trump government shutdown has left 800,000 federal workers and contract workers without pay. Among the 800,000–federal correctional officers. Federal correctional officers were not furloughed, but are required to work without pay.
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  • Prison: Women Punished More Than Men

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Prison Path Mission: When a first time offender is locked up, the inmate's family is left alone, frightened and confused. Understandably, the family's first priority is to locate their loved one and find out about visitation.Second priority is to find an experienced criminal defence attorney and a knowledgeable bail bondsman. Prison Path's free prison search will provide all of this information and more, at no cost to the user. Family members will be able to find the exact location of their loved one throughout their incarceration, learn the visitation rules for each respective facility, as well as other essential information that the family will need immediately and throughout the term of the inmate's incarceration. During such a stressful time, family members need to be able to access important information in an efficient manner.

Innocent Man–45 Fuxxing Years!

Photo: Max Ortiz/Detroit News via AP Yes, Richard Philipps, an innocent Michigan man, was imprisoned for 45 years, for a crime that he did not commit. Mr. Philipps was convicted, when he was 27, and was released in March at the age of 72. In 1971, Gregory Harris was shot to death. Harris’s brother-in-law told […]

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Jailing the Mentally ill

In 2014, we reported that our jails were filled with the mentally ill. In 2014, California Channel 9 reported that one-third of the 3,000 inmates, in Orange County jail, had serious mental illnesses. The investigation revealed the same individuals,having mental health issues, were arrested numerous times for misdemeanors, such as trespassing and disorderly conduct. The […]

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Trump’s Adding Death Penalty to Failed Drug Policies

In New Hampshire this week, Pres. Trump rolled out his new proposals to combat our drug crisis—including, the opioid epidemic. Unfortunately, major aspects of his drug proposals are just a rehash of the Reagan era’s “War on Drugs.” As we all know, the punitive Reagan drug policies did not end our national addiction crisis. Trump […]

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Prisons Are Fueling–The Opioid Epidemic

A Vox article by German Lopez revealed; “When an inmate addicted to opioids is released from prison, his chances of a fatal overdose are massively elevated: According to a 2007 study published in The New England Journal of Medicine, former inmates’ risk of a fatal drug overdose is 129 times as high as it is for the general population […]

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Opioid Crisis & the Mass Incarceration Crisis

  The National Center for Health Statistics issued a preliminary report indicating more than 64,000 drug overdose deaths in 2016. The breakdown of this national calamity for 2016 is the following:  1.  Traditional opioid painkillers, such as OxyContin and Percocet, caused about 14,400 overdose deaths.  2. Non-methadone synthetic opioids ( i.e.fentanyl), were involved in more than […]

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Provide Basic Dignity for Women Inmates!

Even though the male inmate population far surpasses the women inmate population, in the last 50 years, the number of women in United State’s jails has increased by 14 times.  The Justice Reform– MacArthur Foundation co-published a report with the Vera Institute, which concluded that trauma, sexual violence and mental health issues were major factors for the […]

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