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Texas Prisons, Dead Inmates, Excessive Heat

In a ground breaking decision, U.S. District Judge Keith Ellison ruled that Texas state corrections were aware of the dangerous and lethal heat risks in their prisons and that at least 23 men in Texas prisons have died from the heat in the last 20 years. For the past four years, PrisonPath has posted numerous […]

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O.J. Simpson’s Parole–Yes or No?

Photo–LA Times The parole hearing of the century will be decided this afternoon.A parole board will decide whether to grant O.J. Simpson parole. Parole is defined as: “The conditional release of a person convicted of a crime prior to the expiration of that person’s term of imprisonment, subject to both the supervision of the correctional […]

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17–Life Without Parole!

Rick Wershe, known as “White Boy,”was sentenced at 17 to life without parole.He was Michigan’s longest incarcerated juvenile convicted of a nonviolent offense. He was found guilty of having 650 grams of cocaine in his possession. This was Wershe’s first offense. Wershe received this draconian sentence during the frenzied “War Against Drugs.” After Wershe served […]

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