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Feelings Don’t Kill, Drugs Do

By:Irving Schattner Psychotherapist in Private Practice at Counseling Center For Growth Feelings are separate from thoughts or beliefs. They describe our internal state of being and can project or become displaced onto others in one’s environment. Many people distinguish between “good or positive emotions” vs. “bad or negative emotions.” Positive emotions are attributed to people […]

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Otto Warmbier & Darren Rainey

Otto Warmbier (Photo:AP) On June 19, 2017 Otto Warmbier, tragically died in the United States from tortuous treatment that he suffered while held in a North Korean prison. Darren Rainey (Photo:The Sun) On June 12th, 2012, Darren Rainey tragically died in a Florida state prison from tortuous treatment. OTTO WARMBIER: Otto Warmbier was 21 years […]

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What Really Happens in American Jails

Will prisons ever open up to journalists? Too often, public officials have the final say on how much the public knows about what happens in America’s jails By Jessica Pupovac (Credit: iStockphoto/gioadventures) This article originally appeared on The Crime Report, the nation’s largest criminal justice news source. Many states make it extremely difficult for journalists […]

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Addiction,Treatment, & Mass Incarceration Crisis

The United States has 25% of the world’s inmates and only 5% of the world’s population. A major cause of our incarceration crisis lies in our approach to individuals with addictions. 85% of of the United States prison population have serious addiction issues. Drugs and alcohol addictions directly or indirectly have caused inmate’s offenses. The […]

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Trump’s Repressive Immigration Policies & Private Prisons

President Trump issued an executive order directing immigration and Customs Enforcement (Ice) to locate and lockup undocumented immigrants. Ice’s new policy included imprisoning undocumented immigrants without a criminal record. In 2017, individuals detained without any criminal record by ICE increased more than 50 percent. Inmate deaths in Ice prisons were 10 in 2016 and 8 […]

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