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Trump & Sessions End Justice-Prison Reform

Between 1970–2008, our lock-up rate increased five hundred percent. The United States has more inmates and prisons than both Russia and China combined. We have approximately 2.3 million inmates and about 6 million individuals on parole or probation. There are numerous reasons for our mass incarceration crisis. First, we need to acknowledge and recognize that […]

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Solitary Confinement

Solitary confinement is still a controversial subject in Texas and throughout the United States.Texas prison officials call solitary confinement–administration segregation.Texas officials argue that solitary confinement is required to protect inmates and officers from violent offenders. Texas opponents of solitary confinement emphasize that its use harms inmates with mental health issues. Not all inmates are in […]

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Private Prisons love Trump

Photo–Business Insider In August 2016, before Trump became our president and fired Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, Yates stated that the Obama administration was starting the phasing out of private prisons for the federal government. Audits and studies revealed that private prisons were not cost effective, but actually provided poor care. The Office of Inspector […]

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L A Jail–Filled with Mentally ill, Addicted Inmates

Since 2010, the Los Angeles jail’s population has increased almost 50 percent. Almost every inmate, in this latest increase of inmates, has addiction and mental health issues. Approximately one third of the jail population, 4,000 inmates have mental health issues. The jail’s officials have attributed the increase in mentally ill inmates on methamphetamine use (known […]

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