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Close Rikers Island ?

Rikers Island Since 2014, 35 correctional officers and/or staff members at Rikers were charged with criminal offenses. 13 of the 35 were charged with assault or attempted assault. Federal prosecutors have indicted Riker’s correctional officers with civil rights violations (excessive force, and other offenses). Rikers Island is the largest jail complex in the United States. […]

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Trump & Private Prisons

Photo–Business Insider Last week, we posted an article about,“Trump’s Myth about Immigrant Crime.”President Trump continues to claim that illegal immigrants are major contributors to American crime. The facts do not support Trump’s myth. General census studies and macro-level studies have shown that immigrants including illegal immigrants have committed less crime than native born Americans. The […]

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Brazil’s Cruel Treatment of Women in Prison

Getty Brazil Image On March 8th, women all over the world, celebrated International Women’s Day. We should not ignore or forget that women in many countries face cruel and barbaric conditions in prison. For example,there are approximately 37,000 women incarcerated in Brazil’s prisons. Brazilian women, in prison, do not receive the protection of Brazilian or […]

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