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Our New Country–Trumpistan

What has happened to our United States? In one week, the United States became another country–Trumpistan. The country of immigrants has become anti-immigrants or to be more precise, anti–certain immigrants. Our “Dear Leader” has inaugurated an era of blacklists. All of us watched individuals, from Trump’s banned list, interviewed at the airports. Iraqi Muslims, who […]

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The Damage of Online Arrest Logs & Mugshots

CBCnews-Calgary 1917 Mugshot For every arrest today in the United States, there are between 5-75 online publications that display arrest details including the mugshot. Arrest records are distributed now online more than ever before. When you are arrested today, you not only have to worry about DMV records and court records, you are now concerned […]

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Thanks, Pres. Obama, for Justice Reform

It is important to remember the important justice reforms started during President Obama’s eight years. Pres. Obama advocated that the United States is a nation of second chances for deserving individuals. The following were two of his reforms. The White House called for companies to join “The Fair Chance Business Pledge.” Companies pledged to delay […]

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