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Malignant Narcissism

Dr. Charles Zeiders, a Philadelphia based Clinical & Forensic Psychologist, has just published a breakthrough article in the international Journal of Christian Healing entitled “A Psychological Autopsy of a Malignant Narcissist in Church Leadership: A Composite Scenario with Discussion.” Based on clinical information brought to Dr. Zeiders’ attention during his 20 years as a […]

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Ramen Noodles–The New Prison Currency

Michael Gibson-Light, a doctoral candidate at the University of Arizona School of Sociology has reported after conducting research at an Arizona State prison on prison labor that Ramen Noodles is the currency of choice for inmates. Traditionally, cigarettes were the underground currency between inmates. Because of the cut back on meals, quantity and quality, inmates […]

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A Requiem for Private Prisons

A Requiem for Private Prisons and a Last Call too. Catholic readers of this site probably know the meaning of the word “requiem.” A Requiem Mass is celebrated for the souls of the dead. This month’s one – two punch for private prisons suggests that we will soon be singing funeral dirges for private prisons […]

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Victim’s View of Prison, Punishment, & Rehabilitation

All of America has read or heard conflicting opinions about the issue of “Punishment vs. Rehabilitation.”The far right and conservative lawmakers believe in strict punishment and long sentences for those who violate the law. We hear constantly their simplistic adage–“Don’t do the crime,if you can’t do the time.” Instead of listening to the far right […]

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Are You Looking for a Federal Sentence Reduction?

If you are a federal offender and have a verifiable substance abuse problem, the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) by law provides a very specialized program offering eligible offenders additional time off, beyond “good time”, from your sentence. Called the Residential Drug Abuse Treatment Program (RDAP), it offers federal inmates additional sentence reduction outside the […]

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Can Former Inmates Vote?

As the infographs presented by PrisonPath show below, the United States, through state laws, prohibits approximately 5.85 million Americans with felony convictions (or individuals on parole or probation) from voting. If our disenfranchised were citizens of Australia, Spain, France, Ireland or Germany, they would have the freedom to vote. Florida leads the nation in disenfranchising […]

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