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Redoing Solitary Confinement

The National Prisons Group, a penal oversight organization, is recommending changes for national accreditation standards for solitary confinement. There are various proposals including health care for mentally ill inmates placed in isolation, increased time out of cells for recreation and education, and mandatory health care visits for all inmates in solitary confinement. The United States […]

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Dear Hillary and Bernie: The “F” Word & The Mass Incarceration Crisis

Dear Bernie and Hillary, Eliminating private federal prisons and their lust for profit (at the expense of inmates and correctional officers) is one small step toward ending our mass incarceration crisis. As presidential candidates, your platform should consist o;reforming our harsh sentencing laws for nonviolent offenders, stop the imprisonment of the mentally ill, provide drug […]

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“To Prison For Pregnancy”

In the spirit of the Golden Globe Awards, PrisonPath has focused on Brave New Films, a non-profit and non partisan organization. Brave New Films, through videos, has highlighted social issues that are often overlooked by many Americans. Their latest video revealed that many of our states are using laws (feticide laws) that were legislated to […]

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