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CCA and Medicare Fraud

The private prison industry takes in over $5 billion per year in revenue. Companies like Corrections Corporation of America and the GEO Group (formerly Wackenhut Corrections) employ thousands of people across the United States. Other vendors provide specific services to government correctional facilities such as food preparation and inmate healthcare. The Justice Department says that […]

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Predatory Prison Telephone Companies Lose

Global Tel*Link  and Securus Technologies are the two major players in the $1.2 billion business of providing phone service to private and government prisons, according to Bloomberg. Global, an Alabama-based company has about half of the correctional phone services market and Securus Technologies has about 30%. Both companies make excessive profits with exclusive contracts with […]

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Education In Prisons: Harvard vs. Prison

For decades, many have argued that providing education to inmates was an exercise in futility. This argument was destroyed when the Harvard debating team lost to their opponents from the Eastern New York Correctional Facility. The inmates promoted an argument which actually was the opposite of their personal beliefs. The debate issue was: “Public schools […]

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Dear Hillary and Bernie: The “F” Word & The Mass Incarceration Crisis

  Dear Hillary and Bernie, Eliminating private federal prisons and their lust for profit (at the expense of inmates and correctional officers) is one small step toward ending our mass incarceration crisis. As presidential candidates, your platform should consist o;reforming our harsh sentencing laws for nonviolent offenders, stop the imprisonment of the mentally ill, provide […]

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6,000 Federal Inmates Early Release

  The proposed early release of 6,000 federal inmates is a major announcement, but still just one small step in reducing our national mass incarceration crisis. This nationwide release is scheduled between October 30–November 2. 8500 more federal inmates are scheduled for early release between November 1–November 1, 2016. During 2013, Eric Holder Jr.,the attorney […]

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