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Pope Francis Visits Philadelphia Jail

Pope Francis, even before becoming the leader of the Catholic church, was an advocate of prison ministry and prison reform. As an archbishop in Argentina, he often visited jails and prisons. Since becoming pope, he has visited prisons in Italy and other countries. He washed the feet of inmates at the Rebibbia prison in Rome during […]

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Dear Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders,

  Proponents of prison reform were somewhat pleased  by your bill filed last week to end private prisons for federal, state, and local inmates. Private prisons are criticized for  their primary goal of achieving profit instead of providing a safe environment for inmates and correctional officers. Presidential candidate Sander’s bill would end all government contracts […]

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Whistleblowing–Another Weapon Against Inmate Abuse

  “Whistleblower” originates from the whistle used by a referee to call an illegal or foul play. The term also has referred to an individual who has exposed illegal, dishonest, or fraudulent conduct within an organization or company ( private or public). The whistleblower’s information can vary from violations of the companies rules and procedures […]

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Sen.Bernie Sanders Understands our Broken System of Justice

Sen. Bernie Sanders understands that our system of justice is broken. The United States has 25% of the world’s inmates and only 5% of the world’s population. Sen. Sanders, a Democratic presidential candidate has proposed new legislation that will help with this crisis. He stated on Tuesday, “My legislation will eliminate federal, state and local contracts […]

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