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4% Recidivism Rate

The national recidivism rate for inmates over 65 is 4%. By comparison, according to the National Bureau of Statistics, About two-thirds (67.8%) of released prisoners were arrested for a new crime within 3 years, and three-quarters (76.6%) were arrested within 5 years. Within 5 years of release, 84.1% of inmates who were age 24 or younger at […]

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Skyrocketing Costs of Federal Prison System

In a memorandum prepared by the Department of Justice’s Inspector General and published late last year, the Office said the federal prison system is in a “persisting crisis” that is failing on two fronts: A ballooning cost that is consuming the DOJ’s budget and overcrowding that is severely imperiling the health and safety of prisoners […]

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Updated:Georgia Woman Faced Execution

Execution Chamber UPDATED March 4, 2015 Kelly Gissendar was scheduled Monday night for execution in Georgia. Gissendar’s execution was postponed for the second time because of concerns about the lethal drugs. The execution was postponed on February 25th, because of snow weather.  The Department of Corrections for Georgia released a statement about the second postponement: […]

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Diane Sawyer’s: “A Nation of Women Behind Bars”

Diane Sawyer’s special on February 27th examined  the fastest growing group of the largest prison population in the world–Women. The United States has almost 2.3 million inmates and 200,000 of the inmates are women. Sawyer visited four women’s prisons in the United States; the Maryland Correctional Institution for Women in Jessup, the Corrections Center for […]

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