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Missed Opportunity for Startups group is the largest entrepreneurial community on LinkedIn with over 220,000 members. Many new businesses are short on cash and thin in terms of workers. At the same time, there are many former inmates looking desperately for work. A number of these former inmates have varied backgrounds which would benefit a new startup business. […]

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Prison Spotlight: Montgomery County Correctional Center

The United States has over 3,000 prisons and jails. This statistic includes federal, state, and county prisons and jails. Our site,, will highlight daily one of these institutions. The following is information about the Montgomery County Correctional Center located in Montgomery County, Maryland. The Montgomery County Correctional Facility is responsible for the custody and […]

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More Prisons vs. Rehabilitation & Mental Health Care

Governor Jerry Brown proposed to limit California’s overcrowded prisons by leasing more prison space.  Brown’s proposal consisted of spending about $315 million next year to house inmates in private facilities, county jails and out-of-state prisons. Fellow Democrats in the state Senate, led by Darrell Steinberg, condemned Brown’s $315 million proposal as a short-term fix. “Temporarily […]

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Employment Discrimination Against Felons

Anyone with a criminal record has known the anguish and frustration of trying to find a job upon release from imprisonment. An important question concerns whether justice is truly served by employment discrimination against former inmates. From the outset the former inmate is confronted with labels such as ex-felon or ex-offender, which immediately creates a negative […]

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Effective Reintegration

The United States is known for its high recidivism rates, both federal and state. Approximately 725,000 inmates are released annually from prisons throughout the United States. A 2011 study by the Pew Charitable Trusts’ Center on the States indicated that more than 4 in 10 will return to prison within three years. Almost half of the […]

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Prisons, Drugs, and Books

It was reported in Sacramento, California that almost 25 percent of the state inmates who were tested in 2013 had used illegal substances. More than half of the positive tests involved marijuana, 20 percent indicated morphine use, 14 percent methamphetamines, 11 percent amphetamines, and 2 percent indicated cocaine. The state correction officials have proposed increased penalties […]

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California Stops Race-Based Punishment

In 2006, two guards were attacked by inmates at California’s High Desert State Prison. The warden ordered a full lockdown, which restricted all African Americans in one wing of the prison to their cells for 14 months. For 14 months there was no outdoor exercise, no education and/or rehabilitation programs, and no prison jobs. We […]

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Inmates over Fifty

The American Civil Liberties Union issued a report in 2013 about elderly inmates.  The elderly inmate population has increased 1300 percent since the early 1980’s. The federal government and the states spend more than $16 billion a year to jail aging inmates. The report  concluded that almost all inmates over 50 are not a threat […]

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The Holiday Season in Prison

Based on personal experience and observation, the prison holiday experience is bleak and dismal. Despite their tough demeanor, the young inmates are affected the most. When you walk by the telephones, you will hear the longing for home in the voice of a young man covered with violent tattoos. Although some correctional officers will act […]

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