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Time for Change

Prisonpath has posted several article about better options for non-violent inmates. More and more states are finally realizing that overcrowded prisons are caused by incarcerating too many nonviolent inmates.  A posting on overcrowded prisons cited the absurd statistics on our excessively high inmate population. We are number one in the world for the largest inmate population. The […]

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Job Interviews as a Former Inmate

Many prisons and jails do not prepare ex-inmates to return to the outside world. In order for a returning citizen not to become another statistic in our recidivism rate, he or she will need a job. The majority of prisons, jails, and even local re-entry programs do not provide the former inmate the basic skills […]

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Prison Path Excerpt: “The Laughing Inmate” A Snapshot of Prison Life

From the creator of As part of my sentence, I was incarcerated for fifteen months in the Maryland state prison system. My prison path initially consisted of two weeks local time at Clarksburg prison in Montgomery county, and almost 15 months in the Maryland state correctional system. I was imprisoned at Baltimore DOC, MCTC […]

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Locking Up the Mentally Ill

The United States has an illness. Our prisons and jails are filled with the mentally ill. Every month, there is another investigation revealing that a substantial number of inmates incarcerated for minor crimes are suffering from mental illnesses. Channel 9’s report about Orange County Jail disclosed that one-third of the 3,000 inmates presently imprisoned have […]

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Close Women’s Prisons

During the last three decades, the incarceration rate for women in the United states has increased 646%. Some states are higher and some states are lower, but overall, the statistics are alarming. For example, in Maine, a state which has one of the lowest incarceration rates in the United States, the incarceration rate for women […]

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Alabama Prison Panel – Who’s Missing?

In Auburn, Alabama a panel was convened to discuss the many problems of Alabama’s prisons. The forum was composed of the local sheriff, a county commissioner, nurses, prison ministry volunteers, inmate’s families, college students, and others. Auburn First Baptist Church hosted the forum, coordinated by the David Mathews Center for Civic Life and the Alabama Media […]

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Should Felons Have the Right to Vote?

Disenfranchised Voters Infographic Almost six million Americans are disenfranchised from voting even if the former inmates are again productive members of society who pay taxes. Several states do not restore the right to vote upon completion of the sentence. Thirteen states allow probationers and parolees the right to vote and nineteen states allow former inmates […]

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