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“Jails have become the dumping ground ”

According to Michigan Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard, “Jails have become the dumping ground” for the mentally ill. The sheriff added, “the state and the federal government have pretty much walked away, in my opinion.” If you think this is an isolated opinion, listen to sheriffs in Indiana. Franklin County Sheriff Kenneth Murphy told the […]

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Part Time Inmates: Correctional Officers

After two months of incarceration, it was clear that correctional officers were part–time inmates. Although they went home after their shift, a considerable part of their life was spent behind bars. They were not in the cells, but they also stared at dark walls and barbed wire. A recent article in the Nation concluded that […]

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Prison Medical Care – “Be Patient or Pray”

Private medical staff at one Arizona prison told sick inmates requesting medical care, “Be Patient or Pray.” Doctors who visited the prisons in Arizona that provided privatized health care complained in reports about the atrocious medical care given to mentally ill inmates. Doctors have reported that the private health care staff would not prescribe essential […]

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United States is Addicted

Overcrowded prisons and jails are dangerous to the inmates, correctional officers, and at the end of the day, to society. One major cause of too many prisons and too many inmates is the excessive incarceration rate of non-violent inmates. The United States is addicted to locking up non-violent inmates. In Ohio, two young heroin addicts […]

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