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The Beginning of the End of Halfhearted Re-Entry

During the last six months, Attorney General Eric Holder has announced new policies for prison reform and the reduction of our high recidivism rates. The reforms announced previously focused on the overkill of charging defendants which resulted in long sentences for non-violent offenders. On March 24, it was announced that the Federal Bureau of Prisons […]

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Re-Entry – New York & Connecticut

After decades of exploding prison populations and dismal recidivism rates, there are changes coming. Last week, Gov. Cuomo’s program was discussed in  “Inmates are Coming.” The governor cited studies proving that education programs for prisoners reduces recidivism.  This reduction in recidivism is a strong incentive not only for inmates, but also for taxpayers. Teresa Miller, […]

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The Definition of “Corrections”

Websters Dictionary defines “Correction” as the act of making something accurate or better.” The dictionary also defines “correction as the act or process of punishing and changing the behavior of people who have committed crimes.” Reminiscent of Orwellian 1984, many prison systems in the United States are designated the “Department of Corrections.” Naturally, the prison guards […]

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