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“Inmates are Coming”

In the celebrated series, “Game of Thrones,” it is whispered that “winter is coming.” Everyday in the United States, inmates are coming. According to the United States Department of Justice, 10,000 inmates are released every day and more than 650,000 inmates are returned to society every year. The United States Department of Justice states about […]

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33 States Allow Shackling of Pregnant Inmates During Labor

33 out of 50 is a failing grade for the United States. The American Medical Association in a 2010 resolution called the practice of shackling pregnant inmates unsafe, medically dangerous, and “barbaric.” Many physicians and nurses assert that shackling pregnant inmates during any stage of the pregnancy is damaging to the pregnant mothers and their […]

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New Approach to Solitary Confinement in New York

A new approach, after litigation, to solitary confinement in New York. The New York Civil Liberties Union filed a class action complaint against the New York State Department of Community Corrections concerning its use of solitary confinement. The lawsuit will be suspended while two nationally recognized corrections experts work with the DOCC to reform the use […]

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FCC Gives Valentine Present to Inmate’s Families & Friends

On February 11, the FCC’s new regulations to curb the predatory telephone charges for inmate’s families and friends were implemented. Before these new regulations were enacted, interstate phone calls between inmate’s families and their family members in prison were costing $1.00 or more a minute. The new rate caps are 25 cents for a collect call, 21 cents […]

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Re-Entry Programs & Recidivism: The Connection Continued

San Francisco understands what is necessary in order to lower recidivism and prison overcrowding. Unlike many probation departments and prison systems, San Francisco’s counselors look to what is needed for a released inmate in terms of housing, employment, health care, and drug rehabilitation. The probation department has even picked up returning citizens from prisons to […]

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