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Sexual Abuse of Mentally Ill Inmates

The statistics are shocking. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, there are almost 2.4 million Americans incarcerated in our prisons and jails. Close to one million inmates have mental illnesses. Approximately 200,000 inmates suffer sexual abuse each year. The vast majority of the sexually abused are inmates with psychiatric problems. Inmates with mental illnesses […]

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Parole & Algorithms

Fifteen states have their parole boards using risk assessment tools to determine parole decisions. Many of these states are using software to calculate the potential risk of an inmate succeeding or failing parole. The algorithms consider numerous factors about the inmate’s chances of not violating his parole and returning to prison. The states that are […]

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FCC Stops Exploitation of Inmate Families

Once again, the Federal Communications Commission, under the stewardship of Chairwoman Clyburn, has taken action to protect inmate’s families and friends from gouging telephone bills. In September, the FCC denied Securus Technologies request to block prison telephone calls made through competing companies. Securus Technologies is one of the major players in the $1.2 billion business […]

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What Prison is Like in the Morning

There are many opinions about how to resolve the many problems of the American prison system. Why does the United States have more prisons and inmates than any other country. Why does the United States have a high recidivism rate? It may help the pundits if they had some familiarity with actual everyday life for […]

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Change the Parole System – Reduce Overcrowded Prisons & Lower Recidivism

This past New York Times editorial succinctly described one of the major causes of our over crowded prison systems and the escalating costs of incarceration. A substantial number of parolees are returned to prison for technical violations of parole–not new charges. A violation can consist of missing an appointment with your parole officer or missing a […]

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