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Ghost Inmates in California

California has ghost inmates. By ‘ghost inmates,’ we are referring to the inmates held in solitary confinement for years and even decades. For twenty-five years, California has outlawed personal photographs of inmates held in solitary confinement. The restrictions affected thousands of inmates in four prisons: California State Prison, Corcoran; California Correctional Institution in Tehachapi; California […]

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Two Felons Save Prisons Millions

Our prisons have untapped talent. At the Joseph Harp Correctional Center, in Oklahoma, two inmates developed a software program that will save the prison substantial monies. The software program tracks inmates in the chow hall to eliminate second helpings, the popularity of a certain meal in order to make future food purchases. The program tracks […]

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Stabbings & Double-bunking

It was reported that several inmates were stabbed at the Mount McGregor correctional facility in New York. The state officials have denied that the stabbings were related to the policy of double-bunking. At the same time, the New York State Correctional Officers union’s steward, a correctional officer, Richard Thomas stated that the violence was part […]

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Government Shutdown Impacts Federal Prisons

Correctional officers are not receiving their paychecks even though the guards are working. The correctional officers are working not knowing when their paychecks will start again. Local union president and Federal prison employee, Jeff Roberts has complained that the correctional officers are not being paid, but the inmates are receiving their monies for their work. […]

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PRWEB: Prisonpath Celebrates 1 Year with Helping over 500,000 People

PRWEB.COM article Washington D.C. – September 18th Online prison database and resource, Prisonpath.com, celebrates its one-year launch today. It has grown steadily as the go-to resource for the families of inmates and first time non-violent offenders. It provides crucial information about county, state and federal prisons and jails throughout the United States. The number of monthly […]

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“Prisons to Prosperity”

A seminar, “Prisons to Prosperity,” will be presented by the Bronx Clergy Roundtable and the Think outside the Cell Foundation this Saturday, October 26, at Lehman College in the Bronx. The seminar’s goal is the encouragement of individuals with criminal records to consider entrepreneurship. It makes perfect sense since some criminals do have entrepreneurial backgrounds. […]

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Inmates with Green Thumbs

From east coast to west coast, gardens are flourishing in prison yards. “We believe that everybody has a heart and everybody has a chance for transformation,” said Beth Waitkus, the director of the Insight Garden Program that started 10 years ago at San Quentin prison. Waitkus has taught inmates how to plant flowers, take care […]

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The Elderly in Prison

The American Civil Liberties Union issued a report in June about elderly inmates. Incredibly, the elderly inmate population has increased 1300 percent since the early 1980s. The federal government and the states spend more than $16 billion a year to jail aging inmates. The report also included the fact that almost all inmates over 50 […]

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