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Questions and Comments on Prisonpath

Since the launching of last September, we have received daily questions and comments about prisons and jails in the United States. Many of the questions  and comments involved important issues discussed in our articles such as; the status of felons in our society, life in prison for women, and the continuing harsh treatment of […]

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California Inmate’s Hunger Strike: “A Good Thing” – Updated

Updated 7/18/2013 – Approximately two thirds of the state’s 33 prisons are currently striking. It is estimated that the number of striking inmates, on hunger strike, range from a minimum of 12,000 to much higher numbers. Originally, this article focused on one of the main demands, the excessive use of solitary confinement in California prisons. […]

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California Again – Prisons Sterilized 148 Women

Many of our states have serious problems with their prisons, and California is usually out front leading the pack. Last week, PrisonPath posted an article about the ongoing hunger strike by California inmates protesting abusive solitary confinement. The article praised the peaceful protest by the inmates. California officials in Sacramento have reported that 148 women […]

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Resettlement Prisons

Resettlement prisons are part of a shake-up of England’s prison system. The English correctional system will have eventually 70 resettlement prisons. The majority of offenders released from these prisons live in, or close to, the area in which they will live upon their release. The Justice Secretary stated: “Rehabilitation in the community must begin behind […]

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