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What Prison was Like in the Afternoon

Prisonpath previously discussed “What is Prison Really Like”. The posting offered a brief snapshot of a Maryland state prison. Another article discussed prison life in the morning, “What is Prison Like in the Morning”. The following article describes a typical afternoon at the Maryland Correctional Training Center located in Hagerstown, Maryland. All of the postings […]

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The Elderly in Prison – Updated

Australia is now considering their first dedicated prison for the elderly. The prison-nursing home would be built in western Victoria. The state and federal prison systems in the United States should adopt and implement this progressive approach regarding the increasing aged population incarcerated in our prisons. The American Civil Liberties Union issued a report in […]

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Overcrowded Prisons Everywhere

The complaints are familiar; the overcrowded prison system is breaking down. There are three main causes for the dangerously overcrowded prisons: stricter sentencing by judges (especially with drug crimes), a slow justice system, and not sufficient funds to build new prisons. Is it California – no, it is Italy. The Italian prisons are at 140 […]

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It’s Just Common Sense – A Gourmet Restaurant and Successful Re-entry

There are constant moans, groans, and outcry in the United States about the high recidivism rate for released inmates. American society does not connect the lack of effective rehabilitation and employment for released inmates with our extremely high recidivism rate. In plain English, high recidivism equals more crime. There were two studies that provided a […]

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Overcrowding vs. Public Safety

The latest polls from California show that most citizens are willing to reduce prison populations as long as public safety is not sacrificed. Over the last three years , we have watched Gov. Brown fight the federal courts about reducing the overcrowded prisons of California. In March, PrisonPath posted an alarming article about “Dangerously Overcrowded […]

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Aging Behind Bars

Here at Prisonpath we have discussed how it is for the elderly in prisons. How many of these inmates are in their 70s and 80s and are imprisoned for non-violent crimes and/or drug possession and would not constitute a danger to their communities? We received a great infographic discussing the rise in the elderly population and […]

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Re-entry and Second Chances

This posting was originally titled in September, “Skilled Jailhouse Lawyer Is Now in Law School, Thanks to Bill and Melinda Gates.” It is the true story of a reformed bank robber who served ten years in federal prison. While serving time, he found a calling and a need to help other people.  Shon Hopwood is […]

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Alternatives to Prison

Prison Alternatives: Drug Treatment Programs There are common sense alternatives to prison for many inmates who are now incarcerated in the United States. The United States has more prisons and inmates than any other country. Twenty five percent of the world’s prison population resides in the United States. Our country has the highest incarceration rate […]

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