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The Disenfranchised: Non-Violent Felon Voting Rights – Update

Felon’s Voting Rights in the United States During the election frenzy in November, discussed the heavy sanctions that restrict non-violent offenders after successful completion of their sentences. Governor Bob McDonnell of Virginia has now announced new changes regarding non-violent felon’s voting rights. Among the changes, non-violent offenders will not have a two year waiting […]

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Even Gangs Have Secretaries

Administrative Professionals Day (also known as Secretaries Day) is an unofficial holiday in the United States acknowledging the work of secretaries, administrative assistants, receptionists, and other administrative support professionals. The holiday is celebrated on the last Wednesday of April each year since 1952. We never think of the complications of running a gang. There are […]

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Teenagers in Adult Prisons

The United States is confronted with an increasing prison population in which adolescents are sentenced to hard time in adult prisons. What do we do with teenagers who commit crimes? The North Carolina legislature is considering transferring the authority  to try 13, 14, and 15-year-old children as adults for certain felonies from the judges to […]

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Typical Prison Visitation Rules & Requirements

The following rules and requirements are from the New York State Department of Correction’s web site. Although visitation rules and restrictions vary from state to state and prison to prison, the following rules are typical of what is required in order for you to have a successful prison visit with your family member or friend. […]

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Predatory Prison Telephone Companies – Updated

The outcry against the telephone companies that control the state prison phone industry is now focused on the county jail phone industry. In both cases, the inmate’s families suffer excessive fees for maintaining contact with their family member who is incarcerated. The prison gives an exclusive contract a telephone company which charges outrageous fees. The […]

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Cell Phones in Prisons

  In ancient times, guards would have been hard pressed to smuggle a phone as shown above. There have been countless reports from all over the country about the widespread use of cell phones in prison. An investigation in Baltimore , Maryland revealed that female correctional officers were smuggling cell phones to members of the  […]

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