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Sequestration: Good News for the Major Private Prison Companies

Every cloud has its silver lining. Even sequestration does not stop the big private prison companies from becoming richer. The following article reports that sequestration shall affect negatively the rural communities that relied on state prisons and the smaller private prison companies. The two major private prison companies, Corrections Corp. and the Geo Group, which […]

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Teenagers in Prison

What do we do with teenagers who commit crimes? The North Carolina legislature is considering transferring the authority  to try 13,14, and 15 year old children as adults for certain felonies from the judges to the prosecutors. If this bill was passed, it would be a major step back for the judicial system. This discretion […]

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Cell Phones in Prison–More Negative News

Prisonpath has posted numerous articles about the controversial issue of cell phones in prison. The negatives of having cell phones in prison are much greater than any benefit of having cell phones in prison.There have been too many reports of cell phones used for illegal activities. Although many inmates would just use cell phones for […]

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David Ranta–Exoneration & Heart Attack

Over the last decade, we have watched more and more inmates exonerated after serving decades in prisons. It should always be remembered that the judicial process and the correctional system are not portrayed for the most part accurately in  movies and television shows. Both systems have many flaws. Investigations are bungled through negligence or because […]

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Lake Erie Prison: Private Prison Bubble Pops

The debate about the benefit of private prisons as opposed to state prisons grows even stronger as more information is released from the Ohio state audits of this Lake Erie Correctional Institution.  Last month, we discussed the initial information that was made public about this controversial privately owned Ohio facility.   The following article reported that […]

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New Hampshire House Rejects Private Prisons

One of the most controversial issues facing states today–Private prisons.  Prisonpath has posted articles discussing the the negative factors surrounding private prisons. Private prisons revolve around the simple principle of profit. More inmates mean more money. Cutting costs means more profit. The many problems of private prisons were exemplified in Ohio at the Lake Erie […]

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Parole & Probation Can Work

Many state officials lament publicly about the high recidivism rate in their states. Prison populations are increasing not because of new crimes, but by parolees and probationers returning to prison as a result of of technical violations. The technical violations can consist of missing a meeting with the parole officer, failing to attend counseling, missing […]

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Helicopter Prison Escapes – Nothing New

Where there are prisons, there will always be inmates trying to escape. The outside world is always intrigued by inmates who escape from imprisonment. Our movies rightfully or wrongfully celebrate this theme. Movies such as “The Shawshank Redemption” or “Escape from Alcatraz” portray the daring inmates defying the system. In the real world, almost all […]

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Cell Phones in Prison: The Latest Wrinkle

The issue of cellphones in prison has generated many opinions from criminologists, former inmates, correctional officers, and from individuals who are interested in our penal systems. Prisonpath reported the different opinions in “Cell Phones in Prison – Common Consensus.” Fascinatingly, many opponents were former inmates. Former inmates knew that certain inmates would use cell phones for […]

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