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How Will Sequester Affect Prisons?

Sequester will have a drastic affect on prisons. Reduced working hours for correctional guards will result in unsafe conditions not only for inmates, but also for correctional guards. Have no doubt, in some prisons, there will be increased security issues because of sequester. The loss of income will place greater stress on correctional guards who […]

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Texas Correctional Officers Union’s Opinion of Private Prisons

Prisonpath has posted several articles about the continuing controversy about private prisons vs. public prisons. In our last article on this crucial issue, major problems at Lake Erie Correctional Institution were reported consisting of inadequate staffing, poor medical care, and deplorable living conditions. Corrections Corporation of America took over the 1,700-bed prison in 2011. By 2012, […]

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Solitary Confinement Revisited

The issue of solitary confinement remains controversial and relevant to our society. The following article describes the destructive impact of solitary confinement. Inmates in solitary confinement are at greater risk for suicide, have increased difficulties re-entering society, and substantially increases the cost of incarceration. The more the outside world knows about solitary confinement, the greater […]

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Cell Phones in Prison?

The Huffington Post hosted a discussion about inmates having cell phones in prison. One inmate stated that most inmates would use the cell phones for contact with family members and not for criminal purposes. Although many inmates would use cell phones for family contacts, there is no doubt that a number of the inmates would […]

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Overcrowding in Prisons – At What Cost?

Overcrowding in Prisons It is 2013, and the United States still is number one in the world for the most prisons and prison population. Even China, with its Communist government and the largest population in the world is a distant number two. There are many reasons for our excessive correctional system. The draconian punishments implemented […]

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Alternatives to Prison: Mark Grace’s Sentence

 Our criminal justice system should embrace alternative prison sentencing. Although Mark Grace received two DUI charges within 15 months, he was sentenced to four months work release. Mark Grace is allowed to work, but is locked up at night. He is allowed to remain a productive member of society and his family’s finances remain stable. […]

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A Victory Against Predatory Telephone Rates

Prisonpath.com has posted articles in the past months about predatory telephone rates that victimize inmate’s families. The FCC after many years of complaints is investigating the unconscionable charges of certain telephone companies. It is a pleasure to finally see a David vs. Goliath victory. The following article reports the settlement against one telephone company in […]

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