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Prisonpath Answers Your Questions

Since the launching of Prisonpath.com last September, we have received daily questions and comments about prisons in the United States. Many of the questions consisted of important issues such as, “What is life like in prison”, or “how do I locate an inmate,” and hundreds of other questions about specific prisons and jails. Many families […]

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Private vs. Public Correctional Facilities – Revisited

According to the following article, the inmate population has increased in private prisons by 1664 percent during the period of 1990 – 2009. As in our original post, there is a connection between private prisons, profit, increased prison population, racism, and recidivism. The adherents of prison privatization argue that a need is fulfilled by private […]

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Private vs. Public Correctional Facilities

As government budgets are reduced, the money for correctional facilities shrink. Many espouse the benefits of private prisons. The problem with privatization of the correctional system consists of one word–Profit. The less that is provided to inmates means greater profit to the private company in charge of the prison. Although I did not have any […]

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Dangerously Overcrowded Prisons

It is public knowledge that the nation’s prisons are not just overcrowded, but dangerously overcrowded. Every year, we hear of new programs that will be implemented to correct this crucial societal problem. In the outside world, there are some who will argue that prison overcrowding is not their problem or society’s worry. Common sense should […]

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Creative Prison Options – “Knitting Behind Bars”

At first, the Jessup prison administration scoffed at the idea of male inmates knitting. The prison administration, in the end, agreed to this innovative program and decided to try a new avenue for the inmates of Jessup Pre-Release. Since the inception of the program, two years ago, your inmate locators will find many inmates knitting […]

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Suicide vs. Prison Time: Aaron Swartz’s Story

There are always headlines about someone who committed suicide after charged with criminal offenses. The frustration  with the judicial process becomes great and the fear of prison reaches the level of overwhelming within weeks after indictment. The nonviolent offender facing prison feels life is hopeless. For an individual, like Aaron Swartz, who suffered from depression, […]

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Can Inmates Collect Social Security?

The percentage of inmates in federal and state prisons aged 55 and older increased by 33% during the period of 2000 – 2005. The majority of this older prison population were already incarcerated before the onset of their golden years. A segment of this aging population start their imprisonment after the age of 62. The following […]

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Exorbitant Prison Phone Rates Saga Continues

As the story of exorbitant prison phone rates becomes more known to the public, the increasing demand for fair and reasonable prison phone rates will make a new system a reality. The segment of society that cares very little about an inmate’s daily life should now realize that exorbitant prison phone rates punishes not only […]

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