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“Exorbitant Prison Phone Call Rates”

Finally, there may be some relief for inmate’s families and inmates from the rip off phone call rates that have plagued so many for so long. the following article discusses the latest events about exorbitant prison phone call rates. FCC wants to lower sky-high prison phone call rates By David Goldman @CNNMoneyTech December 28, 2012: 2:11 […]

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Prison Overcrowding Continues

We have discussed the major problem of prison overcrowding in other articles this past year. Regarding overcrowding, there is no difference between jail vs. prison. Both types of facilities, suffer from this continuing troublesome problem. Overcrowding directly affects health issues and the extent of violence in a prison or jail. You put too many inmates […]

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Spokane Jails

There are two jails/correctional facilities in Spokane, Washington. The following general information was issued by Spokane County to assist the individuals who are incarcerated and their families. The information includes how to contact the inmate by phone, mail, or by visitation. Jail General Information There are two jails in Spokane County, the main jail behind […]

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The Overlooked Potential of Released Inmates

The outside world is clueless about inmates. Many think of most inmates as thugs who could not make it on the outside except for those white collar criminals who committed economic fraud and theft. Many of the incarcerated are not educated, but are bright and articulate individuals who have the potential to be successful and […]

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No Surprise that the System Lacks Compassion

After reading our last posted article on pregnant inmate’s shackled during labor, there should not be any surprise at the following article about compassionate leave in the Federal system. Prisons mirror the dark side of society. The following article by Carrie Johnson, NPR reports that the federal prison officials rarely grant “compassionate release.” November 30, […]

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