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  • Georgia Woman Faces Execution Tonight

    Kelly Gissendar is scheduled tonight for execution in Georgia. Ms. Gissendar, was convicted in 1998 of planning the murder of her husband, Doug Kissendar, with her boyfriend. View more

  • Texas Inmates Riot Over Bad Medical Care

    The U.S. Bureau of Prisons reported that two thousand inmates seized control over part of the CI Willacy County prison located in South Texas. The inmates were protesting their lack of medical care and refused to work.
    View more

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Prison Path Mission: When a first time offender is locked up, the inmate's family is left alone, frightened and confused. Understandably, the family's first priority is to locate their loved one and find out about visitation.Second priority is to find an experienced criminal defence attorney and a knowledgeable bail bondsman. Prison Path's free prison search will provide all of this information and more, at no cost to the user. Family members will be able to find the exact location of their loved one throughout their incarceration, learn the visitation rules for each respective facility, as well as other essential information that the family will need immediately and throughout the term of the inmate's incarceration. During such a stressful time, family members need to be able to access important information in an efficient manner.

Prison Healthcare: A Classic Oxymoron

Many prisons and jails in the United States do not provide even basic healthcare to their inmates. A report by Newsweek about the dangers of prison overcrowding also focused about the total lack of any healthcare in many prisons and jails in our federal, state, and local prison systems. A report by the National Center […]

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Provide Jobs & Housing—-Reduce Recidivism

The public and our legislators are not sympathetic to inmates. The majority of Americans are reluctant to spend any money on individuals who have committed crimes. It is an understandable response. On the other hand, the public and our legislators lament about the high costs of our overcrowded prison system. Many do not understand why […]

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Paroled: First Day Outside of Prison

What really happens to a paroled inmate on his first day outside of prison. In the typical prison movie or television show, a car is waiting outside the prison entrance for the paroled inmate filled with his friends. If not friends, you will see a woman waiting anxiously for her man. The truth is a […]

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4% Recidivism Rate

The national recidivism rate for inmates over 65 is 4%. By comparison, according to the National Bureau of Statistics, About two-thirds (67.8%) of released prisoners were arrested for a new crime within 3 years, and three-quarters (76.6%) were arrested within 5 years. Within 5 years of release, 84.1% of inmates who were age 24 or younger at […]

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Updated:Georgia Woman Faced Execution

Execution Chamber UPDATED March 4, 2015 Kelly Gissendar was scheduled Monday night for execution in Georgia. Gissendar’s execution was postponed for the second time because of concerns about the lethal drugs. The execution was postponed on February 25th, because of snow weather.  The Department of Corrections for Georgia released a statement about the second postponement: […]

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Diane Sawyer’s: “A Nation of Women Behind Bars”

Diane Sawyer’s special on February 27th examined  the fastest growing group of the largest prison population in the world–Women. The United States has almost 2.3 million inmates and 200,000 of the inmates are women. Sawyer visited four women’s prisons in the United States; the Maryland Correctional Institution for Women in Jessup, the Corrections Center for […]

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