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The Three R’s–Rehabilitation, Re-Entry, & Recidivism

The Three R's--Rehabilitation, Re-Entry, & Recidivism

Websters dictionary defines recidivism as follows:: "a tendency to relapse into a previous condition or mode of behavior; especially : relapse into criminal behavior." The United States has twenty five percent of the world's inmates despite having only five percent of the world's population. One major reason for our substantial incarceration rate arises from our high recidivism rate. Bureau of Justice Statistics published the following recidivism statistics on April 22 of 2014, "An estimated two-thirds (68 percent) of ...

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The Shocking Story about GEO–A Private Prison Corporation

The Shocking Story about GEO--A Private Prison Corporation

According to their web site,"The GEO Group, Inc. (GEO) is the world's second largest provider of correctional, detention, and community reentry services with 98 facilities, approximately 78,500 beds, and 18,000 employees around the globe. GEO's facilities are located in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and South Africa." The GEO Group Inc's gross profit for the three months ending in June of 2014 was $113 million. The GEO Group Inc's gross profit for the twelve months ending in June of ...

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What can Teresa Juidice bring to Federal Prison?

What can Teresa Juidice bring to Federal Prison?

Almost all defendants, unlike Teresa and Joe Juidice, do not have the luxury of a delayed self-surrender to prison or jail. Teresa Juidice reports to federal prison in January of 2015. The delayed check-in does not really affect what she can bring to prison, but the late surrender can be very important since it will allow Teresa time to put her personal affairs in order. the delay will allow her family to prepare for the future which should include a ...

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Florida Fires 32 Officers After Inmate Deaths

Our last article discussed that our jails and prisons are the dumping grounds for the mentally ill. Dumping ground can also mean death for mentally ill inmates. According to a report by the Miami Herald,the Florida Department of Corrections fired the 32 correctional officers on September 19th after inmates have died because of criminal misconduct. The deaths occurred at four prisons in Florida. One of the deaths involved a mentally ill inmate scalded to death. On June 23, 2012, an inmate, ...

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“Jails have become the dumping ground ”

Jails have become the dumping ground

According to Michigan Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard, "Jails have become the dumping ground " for the mentally ill. The sheriff added, "The state and the federal government have pretty much walked away, in my opinion." If you think this is an isolated opinion, listen to sheriffs in Indiana. Franklin County Sheriff Kenneth Murphy told the General Assembly that County jails "have become the insane asylum for Indiana." Indiana Howard County Sheriff Steve Rogers stated that jails are "the largest ...

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Prison Path Mission: When a first time offender is imprisoned, the inmate's family is left alone, frightened and confused. Understandably, the family's first priority is to locate their loved one and find out about visitation. Prison Path's free prison search will provide all of this information and more, at no cost to the user. Family members will be able to find the exact location of their loved one throughout their incarceration, learn the visitation rules for each respective facility, as well as other essential information that the family will need immediately and throughout the term of the inmate's incarceration. During such a stressful time, family members need to be able to access important information in an efficient manner.