Prison Inmate Search & Locator - Prison News | Prison Path

Prison Inmate Search & Locator - Prison News | Prison Path
  • Maryland Scandal-80 Indicted-18 Correctional Officers

    Once more, scandal has rocked the Maryland Department of Corrections. On October 5, Federal prosecutors indicted 80 individuals including 18 correctional officers.

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  • Prison World–Clinton vs. Trump Debate

    In Clinton’s April 2015 speech on criminal justice reform, she listed five points which included the end of private prisons.

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Prison Path Mission: When a first time offender is locked up, the inmate's family is left alone, frightened and confused. Understandably, the family's first priority is to locate their loved one and find out about visitation.Second priority is to find an experienced criminal defence attorney and a knowledgeable bail bondsman. Prison Path's free prison search will provide all of this information and more, at no cost to the user. Family members will be able to find the exact location of their loved one throughout their incarceration, learn the visitation rules for each respective facility, as well as other essential information that the family will need immediately and throughout the term of the inmate's incarceration. During such a stressful time, family members need to be able to access important information in an efficient manner.

The First of the Freddy Gray Trials

  Jury selection in Baltimore started today for police officer William Porter. Officer Porter is the first of six officers to face criminal charges for the tragic death of Freddy Gray. Freddie Gray, a 25-year old Baltimore black man suffered severe injuries during his arrest on April 12, 2015. He died one week later from […]

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Corrections Officers Implicated in Healthcare Fraud

    We see many unusual False Claims Act cases. Criminals can be very enterprising. Their creativity is often amazing. Ultimately, most get caught and usually after a whistleblower steps forward and reports their wrongdoing. Unfortunately, it appears that New York State corrections officers and troopers are at the heart of this fraud. Our story […]

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Meet The New Correctional Officer

    Indonesia’s anti-drug czar, Budi Waseso, announced this month, his recommendation for building a prison on an island with a prison staff of crocodiles. Don’t laugh, let us consider his explanation. Mr. Waseso said correctly, ” You cannot bribe crocodiles…You can’t convince crocodiles to let inmates escape.” The Guardian reported that Mr. Waseso also […]

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How A Bail Bondsman Can Help You

  For an arrested individual, a bail bond is the difference between waiting in jail for weeks or months until  trial, or remaining free until trial. After an individual has been arrested, he or she will appear before a judge who will decide the amount of bail. The court wants to make sure the defendant […]

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Pres. Obama Believes in 2nd Chances for Released Inmates

      On November 2, President Obama visited a drug rehabilitation center in Newark, New Jersey. He emphasized that released inmates should have a second chance to become  productive members of society instead of a “return ticket to prison.” Later at Rutgers University Law School, he stated, “There are people who have gone through tough […]

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